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The truth is, the driveway creates the first impression of your property. Concrete adds curb appeal, presenting a clean appearance. Concrete driveways are built to outlast your lifetime, and SAVE Concrete Works LLC is the concrete contractor that can help you with the construction process.

Lifecycle Expense

A lower upfront cost is one of the critical benefits of an asphalt driveway. To some, budgetary considerations may drive them to go with asphalt. However, the service life of concrete is about 50-60% longer than that of asphalt. The results are more than obvious – higher maintenance costs offset the upfront cost savings of asphalt. There is a liquid binder that holds the aggregates together, which are subject to cracking, distortion, and disintegration due to exposure to UV radiation, water, chemicals, and oxidation.

Curb Appeal and Beauty

To many, the standard light gray surfaces offer considerable curb appeal, but many creative design options exist. Colored concrete is the answer for residential property owners who want a darker surface. When it comes to adding a pleasing texture that can blend beautifully with the home’s architectural design, stamped concrete is the way to go. Exposed aggregates offer a three-dimensional and highly textured look.

Reaction to Light and Heat

Concrete pavements are cooler since they absorb less UV radiation. Just compare walking barefoot on the two types of surfaces on a hot day, and you will see a huge difference. However, the installation process of your driveway should only be left to the professionals of our company. Based in Blanchard, OK, we use only high-quality tools, equipment, and materials for each project, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

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