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Top Three Myths About Concrete Construction

Concrete is a popular construction material these days. It is used for both interior and exterior construction projects. However, concrete structures are vulnerable to damage. They can easily crack, become worn, and get old due to their porous nature. To control the deterioration of the concrete structures, they have to be repainted or have repairs done. So, it is necessary to use proper protective measures to avoid harm to the structure and people’s safety. You can hire a professional concrete service provider to get the best protective measures for your property.

Here are the top three myths about concrete construction:

Myth #1: Concrete is not durable.

This is one of the most common myths about concrete construction. In fact, concrete is considered very durable. If properly maintained, it can last for 50 years or more. In fact, it can last longer through proper protective measures. You can extend its lifespan by applying a few protective measures that include cleaning, sealing, and repairing.

Myth #2: The more coats of paint, the longer the life of the concrete.

This is also a misconception about concrete structures. Painting does not improve the structure’s lifespan. What it does is it only delays the deterioration process. It is because the painting has very limited benefits when it comes to concrete structures. Painting is effective in delaying the damage and wear process.

Myth #3: It is not required to perform regular maintenance on concrete structures.

This is another misconception about concrete structures. Remember, they are porous and susceptible to damage. They are also prone to fungal growth and other germs and bacteria. To extend their lifespan and prevent problems, you must have them maintained regularly.

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